Anonymous accounts

Accounts on the Procurement Development Framework are anonymous and not assigned to organisations. Accounts are identified by a unique code rather than your name.

Completing an Evaluation

To complete an evaluation follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Evaluations tab on My Account.
  2. Choose + Create A New Evaluation
  3. Select Sector (e.g. Central Government)
  4. Select Group (e.g. Scottish Government)
  5. Select a Job Role from the list of profiles available
  6. Score Competencies

The competencies are arranged in 'tabs' (Infrastructure Foundations, People, etc.) and individual competencies are contained within the tabs. Use the Score button to view the detail of the competence and Save Score to select your level. Reset can be used to reset your score.

Show Theme/Matters gives high-level information on the competence and why it is important in the context of procurement in Scotland. The Trash icon can be used to remove from the evaluation any competencies that are not relevant to your role.

From the scoring pages you can access your Scorecard and Scorecard Charts. You can also download your scorecard in .xls format (Download Scorecard XLS) and use a Notes box for recording development plans or information on each competence if you wish.

By default Evaluations are not included in organisational stats but you can amend this for your evaluation by clicking Include (so that it is included in your organisational and sectoral stats). To reverse this click Exclude. You can also use the Trash icon to delete Evaluations that you no longer wish to keep in your Account.

Contacting the Site Administrator

If you need to contact the site administrator then please email with your query.


Your account can have more than one evaluation associated with it. This allows you to store evaluations for in-year and end-of-year reviews (to measure progress or keep yearly records of evaluations), and for your home organisation and other organisations too (e.g. previous employers or shared services you may be a member of, etc.)

Only evaluations that you 'include' will contribute data to organisational and sectoral reporting. Please remember to 'exclude' evaluations that are no longer current or relevant.

Organisational Administration

If you are an organisational administrator then please contact to be given access to your organisation on the reporting tool. This will allow you to run reports for your organisation.

Please also contact if you wish to have Job Roles for your organisation amended or loaded on to the tool.

Recovering my Access Code

If you have forgotten your code then you can recover it by submitting the email address associated with the account. The tool will then send the code to that email address . This will only work if you assigned an email address to your account when you first registered it.   

Registering an account

To use the site you must first register an account. We advise that you associate an email address with the account so that you can recover your access code. 

Where can I find the competency framework, job roles and other useful information?

Scotland's national procurement competency framework and associated materials are available from the Scottish Government website.